Hello and welcome all to the second edition of the European Job Market for Economists (EJME) Candidate Directory, intended for immediate use by all candidates on the EJME season 2022/23.

When we reached the unfortunate conclusion that the uncertainty involving COVID necessitates a second virtual EJME in 2021, we took the decision to expand the simple candidate list used in the EJME 2020 and to convert it into a stand alone permanent Candidate Directory, which will be flushed for each future season of the EJME.

Each candidate can create a profile (with personal and professional information such as CV, job market paper, website, video presentation) that can be searched publicly by recruiters in Europe and abroad.

In addition, there are a number of extra features that allow for more advanced searches of the Candidate Directory, and potentially help facilitate the successful matching of candidates and recruiters. In particular:
• Upon registration, candidates can enter up to 3 research fields and their Phd granting institution. Recruiters will be able to filter candidates on these fields.
• From mid-February 2023 onwards, candidates will be asked to update whether they are on the job market. This field will also be filterable, thereby creating a virtual clearing market in the spring.

Also other features:
• The log in area specifically for EJME Candidates, where candidates can network with other candidates,
• A candidate only forum, and
• A Candidate Coffee Corner in the log in area.

The Coffee Corner will be opened on a weekly basis (schedule is written directly on the "door" in the log-in area). Candidates that wish to organise their own meet up with other candidates should write to congress@eeassoc.org, and the meet up event will be shared with other candidates.

Last, but not least, the Candidate Directory will also be used as a "front entrance" to the events being organised for candidates. Please keep an eye on the EVENTS section to see all forthcoming events. To access these events, you will need to be logged in.

Let us close by reminding you that this is the second edition of the Candidate Directory, and whilst we are very excited by how it has been used by candidates and recruiters in 2021/22, we realise that there may be ways that it can be improved for future candidates. If you have any ideas on this, please let us know by writing to congress@eeassoc.org

Thanks to you all for your support and presence on the EJME Candidate Directory.

EJME Committee
Randi Hjalmarsson (EJME Chair), Antonio Cabrales, Eliana La Ferrara, Kjetil Storesletten and Fabian Waldinger, (EEA), Kevin Lee (Royal Economic Society) and Luisa Fuster (Spanish Economic Association)