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University of Oslo

University of Oxford

Economics are proud to be one of the largest and most diverse groups of academic economists in Europe. We aim to produce first-class research across the range of the discipline, organised within nine Research Groups, covering all the major sub-fields as well as more specialist areas such as Economic History and Behavioural Economics. The Research Groups promote and support high-quality research and interaction, and provide an active and supportive research environment for faculty and research students in their field, including regular seminars/workshops and abundant opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations across the University. The Department is also home to several specialised economics research centres, including the world-renowned Centre for the Study of African Economies

University of Reading

The University of Reading is a research-intensive university, founded in 1926 and situated in the South East of England. Its Department of Economics was established in 1964 and now has around 30 members of the faculty, about 45 PhD students, and around 500 students on undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The department has a strong focus on applied economics, and has research clusters in behavioural, development, labour, business and sport economics. The department is also home to the Behavioural and Experimental Social Sciences Lab.

University of Rome Tor Vergata

The Department of Economics and Finance (DEF) was established in 2015, as a result of the reorganization of the School of Economics of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The aim of this reorganization was to create departments with a higher degree of scientific homogeneity and a more research-oriented focus. As such, today the Department has 69 members that actively contribute to research and are engaged in graduate and undergraduate teaching. The Department is made of economists (60%), statisticians (22%) and financial mathematicians (16%). The mission of the Department is to promote top research and high-quality teaching. The Department provides a dynamic environment in which faculty members and distinguished visiting professors conduct research in all areas of economics, statistics, and mathematical finance.

University of St.Gallen

From Inside to Impact - this is our motto. As a leading business university, we promote integrated thought, responsible action and an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation. This is what makes our University so special. Our research not only achieves a high degree of academic recognition but also aims to deliver a contribution to solving social problems. We appreciate new colleagues who will collaborate with us in this sense and who want to continue to write the success story of the University of St.Gallen. Our University is a community, and our 3300 employees are thus more than just our most valuable resource. In research and teaching, executive education and services, we together establish criteria with the aim of letting our University become not only an attractive centre for thinking and learing but also a place of inspiration - and a place where you can feel at home.

University of Sussex

University of Victoria

The University of Victoria is consistently ranked in the top tier of Canada’s research-intensive universities. Vital impact drives the UVic sense of purpose. As an internationally renowned teaching and research hub, we tackle essential issues that matter to people, places and the planet. Situated in the Pacific Rim, our location breeds a profound passion for exploration. Defined by its edges, this extraordinary environment inspires us to defy boundaries, discover, and innovate in exciting ways. It’s different here, naturally and by design. We live, learn, work and explore on the edge of what’s next—for our planet and its peoples. Our commitment to research-inspired dynamic learning and vital impact makes this Canada’s most extraordinary environment for discovery and innovation. Experience the edge of possibilities for yourself.

University of Vienna

The Department of Economics at the University of Vienna has a long tradition of blending economic research and teaching. Our department hosts about 30 full-time faculty from eleven different nationalities. About half of those are tenured (full professors and associate professors) and about half are non-tenured (assistant professors). According to numerous rankings, it is the top department of economics in Austria and one of the most distinguished departments in the German-speaking world.

University of Zurich

The Department of Economics at the University of Zurich is a leading research center, consistently ranked among the top five European economics departments. It is known for its innovative work and is committed to a truly multidisciplinary approach, which combines modern economics with elements of history, political science, psychology, sociology, biology, and neuroscience. Faculty members and researchers are renowned within their fields of research. A significant number of our faculty hold prestigious ERC Grants, are current and former editors of leading scholarly journals and have served as presidents of international economic associations. Our pioneering spirit makes the Department of Economics a unique and inspiring place to study and work.

Uppsala University

The Department of Economics at Uppsala University offers a dynamic and international research environment with around 100 faculty members from about ten different countries. Our active academic community offers several research seminars each week and a large flow of international guests. We are particularly strong in the areas of labour economics, macroeconomics, political economics and public economics. Other areas of research include development economics, econometrics, family economics, financial economics and health economics. The Department hosts several research centers and has an established Ph.D. program with internationally recruited students. Our research is published in leading journals and used as a basis for political decisions and we are frequently engaged as experts by the government and the media.

Vienna University of Economics and Business

The Department of Economics at Vienna University of Business and Economics (WU) covers the range of expert knowledge in the core areas of economic research. Its faculty conduct basic and applied research on both a theoretical and empirical basis and enjoy international recognition. The Department runs a full-service doctoral program that offers fields in a large number of specializations of modern economics and it hosts Austria's largest MSc Economics program (in English only, and with 50% international students). It is currently ranked in the top 10 among the most research-oriented Economics-Departments in the German-speaking world.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The ambition of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is to contribute to a better world through outstanding education and ground-breaking research. We strive to be a university where personal development and commitment to society play a leading role. A university where people from different backgrounds collaborate to achieve innovations and to generate new knowledge. Our activities encompass the entire spectrum of academic endeavor – from the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences through to the life sciences and the medical sciences. The VU campus is easily accessible and located in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district, an inspiring environment for teaching and research.

Warwick Business School

Warwick Business School is a world-class business school at the heart of a world-class university. Since 2010 our Behavioural Science group, the largest in Europe, has combined psychologists, sociologists, data scientists and economists to address issues of human behaviour. The group leads the University’s Global Research Priority in Behaviour, Brain and Society, as well as the Global Institute for Pandemic Planning. Our research includes behavioural and experimental economics, cognitive science, judgement and decision making, and data science. Our faculty have extensive links with government, businesses, and public sector organisations from all over the world, and generate research with real impact.

ZEW – Leibniz-Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung GmbH Mannheim

The ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim - is a non-profit and independent institute with the legal form of a limited liability company (GmbH). ZEW is a member of the Leibniz Association. Founded in 1990 on the basis of a public-private initiative in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg in co-operation with the University of Mannheim, ZEW is one of Germany's leading economic research institutes, and enjoys a strong reputation throughout Europe. ZEW's guiding mission is to study the "optimal performance and the design of markets and institutions in Europe".