How To....

Add my information as a Candidate on the Directory

You have to be a Candidate on the 2023/24 EJME to complete a profile.

Whilst there is no fee to be placed on the Candidate Directory, or to use its networking area, one must be a member of the EEA. To check your EEA membership / renew or join, please visit here.

Although there is no deadline to create a Candidate Profile, you are encouraged to do so by November 15 so that recruiters can make as much use as the functions of the Candidate Directory in their own searches before conducting interviews at the first stage of the job market.

You can insert the following information on your profile:

  • Link to CV (mandatory)
  • Link to Job Market paper (mandatory)
  • Link to website
  • Link to any video presentation that you may have made.

Please note that you cannot upload any information on to the Candidate Directory. If your CV or Job Market paper is not housed on your personal or institution's website, please create a Google Drive or Dropbox folder (making your settings public) and link out to this file.

If you wish to edit your profile at a later date, please go the SETTINGS COG / WHEEL that appears when you are logged in.

Join an event

Events can only be accessed if you are registered for the Candidate Directory and are logged into it.

To log in, please click on the Log in button at the top of the homepage, using the email you used for your registration to the Candidate Directory. 

When logged in, please go to and you will see "Zoom" button in the box of the event. Please click here.

You will link out to ZOOM and will be held in a waiting room until the session starts. There will be a ZOOM “room manager”, who will be waiting to admit you to the session.

You will not receive any specific ZOOM link.

If you are not a Candidate on the EJME 2023/24 and would like to attend an event, please write to at least 72 hours before the scheduled event.

Understand the time zone of the events

All times, by default, refer to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The UTC sign is visible in all areas of the programme. However, each participant can set his / her own time zone to a number of possibilities. To do this, please go to your setting cog wheel - the symbol between the mail and star symbols - which appears when you are logged in, scroll to local setting and choose the nearest city in the country where you are based.

Please note that the programme uses the 24-hour clock (popularly referred to in the United States and some other countries as military time and is the convention of timekeeping in which the day runs from midnight to midnight and is divided into 24 hours).

Please note that the times displayed when you enter the ZOOM waiting rooms are by default in C(E)ST (Central (Summer) European Time). ZOOM cannot give accurate starting times of meeting (only by the half or full hour) so you are strongly advised to ignore all these times you see if you are in a ZOOM waiting room.

For candidates: Organise your own event

Candidates are encouraged to make use of the coffee corner on Candidate Directory and organise weekly meet-ups to discuss any aspects of the Job Market with fellow candidates.

The EEA will provide the ZOOM links for such meet-ups and promote amongst fellow candidates registered. To organise, please email at least a week before the meet up.

For recruiters: Search for a specific candidate

The Candidate Directory is filterable by candidate name, by PhD granting institution and by fields of research (candidates can enter a max of 3).

The name and PhD granting institution fields are set in “auto-predict” so by clicking a number of letters of the person’s name and / or by clicking on distinctive part of the institution's name will bring up a list of results. To filter on fields of research, please click on this bar, which will open up a selection to tick.

Once you find your results, please click the APPLY button.

Please note that you can also use the alphabetical list on the Candidate Directory too (but this will not be filterable). 




For recruiters: List your institution on the platform

Only institutions that have registered their support for the EJME 2023 appear on the recruiters section of the Candidate Directory. For EJME 2023, there is no fee. For full information, read here

Access the clearing market

From January 2022 onwards, candidates will be asked to update whether they are on the job market. This field will also be filterable, and creating a virtual clearing market in the spring. Further information on this will be available when ready to use.